Profile of Eva Schwarz

I started my carreer as a freelance translator in 1998. Since that time, my one-woman company TUES (Technische Übersetzungen Eva Schwarz) has evolved to a team of professional translators with different mother tongues. The team work helps us to satisfy the growing quality demands of our customers in an increasingly globalized environment. As I will be your point of contact for all services offered by TUES I would like to introduce myself briefly. 

Professional Career

I started my professional translator education in France at the University of Nantes in 1985 and graduated in 1990 from the Faculty of Translation, Interpreting, Linguistics and Cultural Studies FTSK of the University of Mainz in Germersheim.

In the beginning of my professional career, I worked as an employee in different sectors including process engineering, building, air-traffic control and cosmetics. During these years of employment, I have gained professional experience and specialist knowledge that formed the basis of my subsequent specialization. Since 1998, I have worked as a freelance translator in close cooperation with selected colleagues. 

Professional competences and Goals

The translation and localization services I offer give priority to quality management and orientation towards the customer’s Needs.

I have specialized in specific fields of engineering, where I can offer specialist knowledge and experience in translation. My translation work is based on the stipulations of relevant EU standards such as DIN EN ISO 17100. My hardware and software ensure professional translation work and data security for my customers.

I offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional translation such as localization of advertising texts and website contents, review and optimization of texts, translation of DTP files and CMS contents ready for publishing, compilation and maintenance of your terminology and image processing work. Customer friendly office hours, short response times and reasonable prices round off my service package.

If you agree with me that a translation should read as if it was originally written in German, we should get in touch.

You can find further information in my profiles on the website of our professional association BDÜ and at TranslationDirectory.

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