Fees for technical translation and localization services

In general, a fee charged for a translation is based on the number of words in the source text, sometimes also in the target text. Traditionally, the fee was calculated according to the number of lines. Today, this method is only applied when texts are not accessible, as in scans or pictures.

Quotations and cost estimates for translation and localization projects

TUES practices both calculation methods depending on the customer’s choice, or quotes a fixed price offer for your translation project free of charge.  

Texts in an editable format are normally invoiced according to the number of words in the source text. Editable formats are all file types specified in the Studio File Type list. Click on the link to display the list: Studio 2017 File Types. My fixed-price quotations and cost estimates are also based on word rates.  

Translations of texts that are not editable, such as scanned documents or texts in illustrations, as well as urgent translations, are charged on a line price basis. In this case, only the price for the line in the target text is specified in your quotation.  

Translation and localization work based on hourly rates

The localization/translation of website contents or illustrated documentation often requires the modification of texts that are incorporated in illustrations. Image processing and localization of your website contents in the CMS is invoiced on a time basis and the price per hour is quoted in our current price list.

Terminology work is also calculated on an hourly basis according to the specified rates.

Proofreading and text optimization is also invoiced on a time basis. I offer special prices for colleagues on request.

Discounts and price reductions

I offer price reductions for texts that repeat themselves in the same or any other document that I have already translated for you. My translation environment SDL Studio provides for the analysis of the texts to be translated. The analysis results specify the total word number as well as the repetitions and matches with former translations.

Alternatively, I offer discounts on the total number of words. The staggered rates are indicated in my current price list. The quantity discounts refer to the scope of one order.

Minimum ordering fee 

The minimum ordering fee for a translation order is 35 Euros exclusive VAT.

The easiest way... 

to find out about the costs to be expected for your translation project, however, is to send an enquiry accompanied by the files to be translated. I will be pleased to quote a fixed price per e-mail on the next work day free of charge.

I offer special prices for my colleagues, please do not hesitate to enquire for them.

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